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Rent: $1,470

Deposit: $1,470

Lease Length: Month-to-Month

Studio Size: Approximately 200ft



Yerba Buena Commons is funded in part by a program called the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program. This government program along with other sources used to build the property require management to screen all applicants carefully. All potential residents must qualify based on projected annual income (including assets), household size, student status, background check, credit report and rental history.


Studios can accommodate 1-2 occupants over the age of 18. Households with 1-2 adults may also contain minors.

Each applicant over the age of 18 must complete a separate application.


Applicants must have a verifiable current annual income above $30,000.

Applicants must have a verifiable current annual income below $62,680.

The maximum annual income limit increases to $71,640 for two people applying to live together,

however your individual income and assets will be combined.

All income calculations are based on gross earnings except for income that classifies as self-employment. 

Income must be current and continuous. Any sources of income that will be discontinued during the move

cannot be used to qualify an application.


Applicants will need to provide specific proof of income and assets during the application. Click here for details.


Students: Our program has guidelines for households containing full-time students. Click here for details.


Studios are leased on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact for current availability. 

If there are no immediate vacancies applicants are encouraged to apply for a spot on the waiting list.

Applications may take up to several days or weeks to approve. Approved applications stay valid for up to 4 months. 

Application Phase One:  Click the button below to start your online application or contact us for application forms. This application includes a background check and credit check.


Application Phase Two:  Once Phase One has completed processing the leasing manager will contact you to schedule an appointment to meet in person. During this appointment we will document proof of your current annual income, student status and assets. Alternative methods of collecting this documentation are available for applicants that are unable to meet in person.

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