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Income & Asset Documents

To properly certify your household income please provide us with the following documents.

Applicants are only required to provide the documents that are relevant to their situation.

We cannot fully approve the application until all the required documents have been provided. Sources of income must be current and continuous.


Income Documents


Employed: Most recent three months of paystubs/earning statements with no unexplained gaps in pay. If you have not been employed for three months, please provide all paystubs/earnings statements available. Depending on income the application may be delayed until three months of payment history have been provided.


Unemployment: Recent statement or last letter stating current monthly benefits.


SSI, SSA, Disability, Pensions: Original statement of benefits, recent statement or last letter showing current monthly benefits.


GA or AFDC: Original statement of benefits paid in the last twelve months or copy of last “Notice of Action” letter.


Child Support/ Alimony: Current notice from the Office of the District Attorney, a Court Order, or a letter from the provider and copies of the last two checks.


Self-Employment: Complete copy of most recent year’s Tax Return including Schedule C (form 1040 or 1040-SR) and completed Self-Employment Affidavit. Proof of current income and projected annual income may be required as part of the affidavit.


Financial Assistance: Please provide a written and notarized letter from the person providing the assistance which states the exact amount provided, the frequency, and the duration of the financial assistance.


Other: Please contact the leasing manager at the number provided above.


Asset Documents

Checking Accounts: Bank statements for the past six months.                 


Savings Accounts: Most recent bank statement.


Other Assets: Recent statement or third-party verification.


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