To properly certify your household income please provide us with the following documents:




Wage Earner - provide three continuous months of pay stubs or earning statements from all current jobs. For new jobs please provide all paystubs you have received thus far.


Unemployment - provide printout of statement or a copy of last letter showing current benefits.


SSI, SSA, Disability, Pensions - original printout of benefits or a copy of last letter showing current monthly benefits.


GA or AFDC - original printout of benefits paid in last twelve months or copy of last notice of action letter.


Child Support/Alimony - current notice from D.A. Office, a court order or a letter from the provider with copies

of last two checks.


Self-Employment - copy of last year’s IRS tax return including schedule c (form 1040 or 1040-SR) and completed

self-employment affidavit along with proof of current self-employment income.


Financial Assistance - this refers to regular gifts or payments from anyone outside of the household. Please provide a notarized written letter from the person providing the assistance stating the amount, regularity and length of the assistance.


Other- please contact the leasing manager.




Checking Accounts - most recent six months of statements. 


Savings Accounts - most recent bank statement.


Other Assets - most recent statements or third party verification.