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Student Exceptions

Unfortunately we cannot approve a household of all full-time students due to the guidelines of our program. Please check the exceptions below.

  • You are not considered a full-time student by your school.

  • You will have a roommate who is not a full-time student.

  • You are a single parent with a dependent child and neither you nor your child are dependent of another individual.

  • You are married and filing (or are entitled to file) a joint tax return.

  • You are currently enrolled in a job training program receiving assistance through the Job Training Participation Act, Workforce Investment Act, or other similar program.

  • You are currently receiving assistance under Title IV of the Social Security Act such as AFDC/TANF/CalWorks (not SSA/SSI).

  • You were previously enrolled in the Foster Care program (currently age 18-24).

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